The orphanage exists since 1892. Here children without parents, or whose parents are very poor, are taken care of in a loving home. They are cared for, raised, and made ready to face anything and everything in the Indonesian society.

Our headquarters of the Society of Friends of the Foundation Pa van der Steur is located in The Netherlands. The Society focuses on Johannes van der Steur’s work and his goals in providing support for the orphanage in Jakarta and Pondok Gede.

You can find the latest news, Bulletins, stories, Kumpulan and much more under the News heading.

If you are ever in Jakarta and you have time, please visit us at the orphanage in Pondok Gede. The children absolutely love visitors and we will welcome you with open arms. Please write us at nelkuta@nullgmail.com to schedule a visit.


A weekend at the orphanage Pa van der Steur, Jakarta. 

“From Friday 18th of august until 20th of august, I had the honor being part of the orphanage founded by Johannes van Der Steur in 1892, currently managed by Nel Borst.  

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