The Legacy of Pa van der Steur

The Orphanage Pa van der Steur in Pondok Melati and Jakarta.

The province of Bekasi is situated east of Jakarta, near to the border. What used to be a collection of kampungs and desas is now a big satellite city of Indonesia’s capital. You can find the main office of Yayasan Pa van der Steur in Bekasi, in a district called Pondok Melatie (formerly known as Pondok Gede). This is where children with no parents, or whose father and/or mother cannot take care of them, are being taken care of. They are being raised, educated and made ready for the Indonesian society.

On the grounds of Pa van der Steur you can find several buildings; the Asrama Putra (boys’ house), the Asrama Putri (girls’ house), a Taman Kanak-Kanak (Kindergarden), an SD (Elementary School) and a SMP (Junior High School). These schools are based on Christian principles, are very well known, and are being attended by students from the surrounding neighbourhoods. There is also a Balai Pertemuan (reception), a kitchen, and a dining room. The two-acre grounds contain plenty of space for play and games. There are soccer and basketball fields as well. Additionally, you can find a library with over 5,000 books at the SMP.

If you are ever in Jakarta and have time, come and take a look at the orphanage! You can make an appointment beforehand by telephone (+62-21-850-4661) or by sending an email ( and you will be more than welcome. This way you will be able to get a good impression of everything that is being done in and around the orphanage.

A second home is located on Jalan Matraman Raya, a busy street in east Jakarta.

This is where the Headquarters of the Yayasan was formerly situated, but it has since moved to Pondok Melati. The older girls live in Martaman in order to be closer to the SMA (Senior High School).