Pupils Archive ORANJE NASSAU Foundation

From 1893 to ± 1945 Pa van der Steur kept an archive of the pupils who were entrusted to his care. This archive consists of 4 parts:

  1. The folder. This is one book. Listed alphabetically are all the children that were taken in in the above mentioned period. Every child has a number that refers to the page number in one of the genealogical registers.
  2. The 23 genealogical registers “incoming children.” This contains all the key information about the child – such as name, surname, date of birth, name of father and mother (if known), date of entering the orphanage, sometimes some additional information such as baptismal certificate, reason for admission, school results. The registers count a total of 5331 pages together, so formally there are no more children registered than that. Some children are registered two times, because after they left the orphanage, they were taken in again.
  3. Some genealogical registers “outgoing children.” These merely state the reason for leaving the orphanage.
  4. Files. Unfortunately, not all child records have been kept. It is possible that many former pupils removed or got there files before or after the war. The files that have been kept are filled with additional information, such as requests from residents or ministers to include children, ask for equality with Europeans, reports, letters from the pupils themselves, etc.

This pupils archive has been put on film in 2005, by a donation of the Stichting Het Gebaar and has become more accessible because of this. This set of films, and the original of the archive, has been donated by our Society and respectively the Yayasan Pa van der Steur in Jakarta, to the Royal Institute of Linguistics, Ethnology and Anthropology (KITLV) in Leiden. Meanwhile, the archive is housed at the University of Leiden. It is possible to take a look at them, however, due to privacy concerns, only exclusively through our association.

Those interested in further information regarding this, please contact Mr. Tom Jutte via jupro@nullhetnet.nl