Symbolic Adoption

The most direct and personal way to support the orphanage of Pa van der Steur would be to enter into an arrangement of a Symbolic Adoption.

This involves “adopting” a child through funding, so he/she continues to live and study at the orphanage for a monthly amount of € 16 (approx. $21.25 US). Your contributions can sometimes be tax deductible, depending on your local tax rules.

Of course, you could adopt a child collectively with some friends or family members. It is also possible as an association or as a school to symbolically adopt a child.

Through direct, mainly written contact with your adopted child, the bond with the institution and with the children will then have a very special emotional value.

Since the association “Friends of Yayasan Pa van der Steur” keeps this adoption money separate from the membership contributions and efficiently manages them, we can guarantee you that your adoption money will reach the orphans for more than 95% (100% minus 2 Bulletins a year plus administration costs). This money will be used for personal education and training of the children to add quality and lend charm to their life at the orphanage.

After you have advised us that you wish to proceed with a “symbolic adoption,” we will provide you with personal information concerning the chosen child who would then be able to count on your special warmth and interest.

For more info about symbolic adoption, you can contact us directly:

Stans Stolte, available via email: