How can I help?


If you care for the work of Pa van der Steur, you may choose to become a member and/or contributor of our Society.

Our Society donates an important part of the budget of the foundation in Jakarta. Being a member will only cost you a small annual donation of € 19,- (approx. $20 USD as of Apr. 2015). As a member you will receive a Bulletin each year, in May, including all sorts of information regarding the children and the orphanage. Besides the Bulletin, you will also receive a Newsletter towards the end of the year, also with current news. Each year you will be invited to the Annual members meeting.

If you want to become a member, you can download the Registration Form here. You can print this form and send it to the address posted hereafter, or email it to

A.J. Jutte

Saturnus 10

2353 WK Leiderdorp


Open Donation

Besides becoming a member of the Society and symbolically adopting a child you could also make an open donation. Even the smallest amount of money is helpful.

If you were to make an open donation, you can send your donation to the following account.

Account number: NL22INGB0003184522, ING Bank, The Netherlands

Addressed to: Penningmeester Vereniging Vrienden Yayasan Pa van der Steur (Treasurer of Society for Pa van der Steur Foundation).

Donation through PayPal

Another way to donate a small sum of money is through PayPal: